Biondo Jewelry Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

                                                                      ABOUT US

Lia & I have been married for over 25 years. We escaped the cold weather of New Jersey in 1994 and became Jacksonville, Florida residents where we can usually be found creating unique designs into the wee hours of the morning in our fully-loaded studio and workspaces.

I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Engineering and worked in different countries throughout Europe. Upon my return to the U.S., I became fascinated with gemstones and metals and began my formal jewelry training at Rowan State College in New Jersey. I then continued at the Center of Visual Arts and College of Arts in NJ and PA.  We still continue to learn new and special techniques as often as possible.

Lia graduated from Rowan State College with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and then obtained her graduate degree in Human Resources Management from the University of North Florida. This was accomplished while working fulltime with the US Government as an investigator and supervisory investigator in the Labor Department.

Both Lia and I are advocates of continuous education; however, most of our techniques have been learned through irreplaceable “hands on” experience. Our design inspirations have come from many different aspects of life, such as boot laces, gears, folded forms, teapots, and irregular shapes.

I obtained my silversmithing certification from the PA Guild of Craftsmen, joined the PA Society of Goldsmiths then transferred to the Florida Society of Goldsmiths. I am one of the past presidents of the NorthEast Chapter of FSG and Lia is a past Treasurer.

With over 25 years of jewelry designing and fabrication experience, my metal of choice is Pure Silver, the whitest of all precious metals. Lia is now creating unique Kumihimo beaded jewelry (an ancient Japanese weave technique) fulltime after retiring from a 36-year Federal law enforcement career.

                Our goal is to accentuate the beauty of every woman who wears our creations.

                                             Craftsmanship ♦ Experience ♦ Passion